Why we're building Pona

In the age of delivery apps and our obsession with efficiency, we started to forget the people behind the food we eat, and the delightful experiences that used to happen around the dinner table.

You have a limitless choice of meals available to order in a single tap, and yet dinner never felt more dispiriting and routine.

How can that be?

What we found is that good food is made by people who care. And the more you anonymize the cook, the less they care about the food they’re making, or you, the final consumer.

Busy foodies ourselves, we wanted to put this missing ingredient of ‘care’ back in takeout, while creating meaningful economic opportunities in the home kitchen.

The result is Pona — a marketplace for home-cooked food, for and by people who care.

As diverse as the cooks on our platform

Want to join our team? We’re always looking for amazing people, regardless where they call home.
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Philip Seifi and Ollie Capehorn

Philip Seifi & Ollie Capehorn, founders of Pona