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A culinary podcast that shares the sweet, sour and just plain delicious stories from home kitchens around the world.

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#010 Vani Dhakshinamoorthy: South Indian Rasam

Vani explains how to make an authentic Indian rasam, a soup-like south-Indian staple. This entirely plant-based dish is full of complex flavours, and Ollie and Vani discuss how the traditional Indian approach to vegetarian cooking may provide inspiration for those looking to reduce their meat comsumption. Listen online

#009 Shinny Chia: Australia to Brunei in a loaded dip

After living in Australia for a decade, Shinny returned to her home country of Brunei bursting with inspiration. She created the The Collective Wildflower Cafe to allow keen home cooks to showcase their internationally-inspired creations. Listen online

#008 Shaikh Fadilah: Craft coffee & cheesecake

Fadilah ("Dil") shares his journey from being the son of "Brunei's version of Nigella Lawson", to an inspirational study abroad trip to Australia that resulted in a passion for coffee and home-made cakes. He now serves speciality coffee in his home of Brunei, and shares what goes into a great coffee and cake pairing. Listen online

#007 Sayed Azam-Ali: Forgotten foods

Sayed shares his journey from London to Italy, Niger, and Crops For the Future in Malaysia, and explains why we need to look to forgotten foods, beyond our staple crops if we are to feed 10 billion people. Listen online

#006 Richard Holden: Fire & Wind

Richard Holden is a BBQ expert who thinks nothing of creating traditional, comforting, British dishes on his trusty BBQ - whatever the weather! Listen online

#005 Chris Bavin: Bangers & Less Cash

Chris shares his journey from fruit and veg market trader to TV personality, revealing his techniques for eating ethically, sustainably and affordably. Listen online

#004 Natasha MH: Curry in the Midwest

Natasha, a half-Thai, half-Indian Malaysian, shares her learnings from bringing her mother's dishes to the Mennonite Christians in the rural Midwest of the USA. Listen online

#003 Jon Garside: Chicken and butter

Ollie speaks to San Francisco resident and fellow Brit Jon Garside about his mother's chicken dish that took him to a Paris culinary school. Listen online

#002 Danny Pirello: Rethinking the chicken burger

We trace this mixologist turned chef's love of fried chicken through childhood memories from the mild chicken parm, to the spicy hot Nashville hot fried chicken to understand what goes into his internationally-inspired, all-American creation. Listen online

#001 Matthew Dumas: On the stocks

Matthew shares the one ingredient you won’t find in his cupboard (hint: it’s a cube), and reveals hard-earned secrets on how to prepare the perfect home-made stock. Listen online