Turn your hobby into extra revenue

Sell home-cooked food on Pona and earn an average of RM 75 per hour, on your own terms and schedule.

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Connecting families through food

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Connecting families through food

Make extra revenue

Earn an average of RM 75 per hour.

Become a star

Get highlighted in your community.

Connecting families through food
Connecting families through food

Reduce food waste

Cook one batch, eat half, sell the rest.

Ready to get cooking?

Share your culinary skills with your community, and earn an average of RM 75/hour on your own terms and schedule.

Become a Pona cook


Do I need to be a professional chef?

Absolutely not. All we require is that you can prepare amazing food to a consistently high standard in a clean and safe kitchen.

How much does it cost to sell on Pona?

Listing your food on Pona is free. We will only charge a service (27%) and payment processing (3%) fee when you make a sale. We will handle delivery, customer support and marketing so you will only need to cover the cost of ingredients.

Who will handle delivery?

Depending on the location, we will either handle delivery ourselves, or outsource it to a third-party such as Grab Express. In either case, you don't have to worry about or pay for any of the logistics.

Do I need any permits or certifications?

All you need to start selling is a vaccination against typhoid fever. You do not need to register as a business, or acquire any other permits. You are welcome to get Halal certification or culinary training, and highlight these in your profile.

How do I get paid and when?

We will automatically process payouts at the end of each calendar month, and notify you by email when the payment is made.

Got more questions?

Get in touch with our team to get the conversation started.