Home Cooks of the World

A mouth-watering video series highlighting home cooks around the world, sharing their stories, and exposing their culinary secrets.

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Get inspired by talented home cooks around the world

Ollie Horn, an acclaimed stand-up comedian and amateur cook, visits home kitchens around the world in search of inspiring stories and culinary secrets.

He then takes their insights back to our studio, where he prepares an accessible recipe that you can make at home.

Ollie Horn

Season 1: Italy


 #1 Field to fork

Sandro brings us to the beautiful Lake Bracciano to forage for wild herbs for the rustic filling of his hand-made truffle tortellini. Ollie then uses Sandro's insights to cook an easy-to-follow porchetta recipe.


 #2 The molecular chef

Loredana replicates the molecular wonders of the three michelin star elBulli, in the comfort of her modest little kitchen in Rome’s historic Trastevere. Ollie then uses her insights to cook an easy-to-follow molecular salmon teriyaki.


 #3 The perfect risotto

Maurizia shares her encyclopaedic knowledge of the northern Italian risotto, and handy tips on how to turn leftover rice into delicious snacks for the whole family. Ollie then uses her insights to cook an easy-to-follow Holy F@*# Hot sauce arancini recipe.


 #4 Soup. Soup? Soup!

Rosetta from Tivoli, a historic imperial retreat, shares a recipe for an authentic riso e chicoria, and her secrets to taking any soup to the next level. Ollie then uses her insights to cook an easy-to-follow pasta e fagioli soup.


 #5 You know what else is Italian?

Fortuna shares the real, Italian story of the macaroon, and talks about the many other delights the French have misappropriated from their southern neighbour. Ollie then uses her insights to cook an easy-to-follow Italian Eton mess recipe.

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